Enjoying Hikkaduwa – with Annie and friends

Friday 30th March 2018

Having arrived in darkness, we were eager to discover where we had landed ourselves so, after just 5 hours of sleep, we got up and found the dining area for breakfast … and from there it unfolded what an amazing hotel and area we were in. We met Azi who is gorgeous – he seems to be in charge of just about everything around the place – and is always happy.

After breakfast we tried out the pool, receiving great approval – perfect temperature.

Before it got too warm we decided to explore the local area – still only 9.00am by this time – pretty warm already! We are surrounded by paddy fields … and we were so humbled that some of the workers took time to look up and wave and gleefully shout hello. We met so many local people as we walked to the shops and without fail they all greeted us warmly. This is exactly the sort of place we love to stay – off the beaten track, a genuine community. The local fields are populated with water buffalo, egrets and peacocks … and there are plenty of dogs wandering the street but they are perfectly friendly. We passed the local Buddhist temple and the local school, walked over the railway line and found the shops – with a tuk tuk rank conveniently based outside. Stocked up on water and orange juice and grabbed a tuk tuk ride back to the hotel. Loving tuk tuks. ❤️

Late morning we took a tuk tuk to the Citrus Hotel to meet up with Anne and Nathan and their lovely friends Caroline, Linda and Aiden. We were able to use the hotel facilities as Caroline was staying there – beautiful pool. We even attempted a swim in the sea – first Anne managed to step on a sea urchin and get a spike in her foot – she pulled it out quickly so danger averted. Some local chaps advised us to swim a bit further along where there were less rocks so Anne, Nathan, Linda and I tried that out … but soon got into difficulties again … the current was SO strong – it pulled us sideways and into the shallows, across more rocks … and it was impossible to stand up. Nervous giggling set in which made things worse. Eventually we all, one by one, managed to scrabble to the shore but we’d gained a few grazes between us! We stuck to the pool after that.

A fabulous day … and we ended it with a meal at a seafood restaurant on the beach.

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