Lake Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand

Monday 5th February  2018

Today is Tom’s 25th Birthday … and I so missed being with him.  Feeling very homesick.  Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy. ❤️

IMG_1672It is also the 15th anniversary of when my niece Marsha was tragically taken from us  – never a day goes by when we don’t think of her and miss her … today is always a difficult day. 💕💕💕


We headed off mid morning to Rotorua, beginning to discover New Zealand’s incredible landscapes on the way.  Having not slept much the night before, I nodded in and out on the journey but saw enough to appreciate the extreme beauty and the hills scattered with cattle, deer and alpaca – oddly enough no sheep!!


We reached Rotorua at lunchtime and opted for lunch at a lakeside cafe.  Weather not so great today but the lake was pretty and the food good.  When we got back into the car after lunch, I realised that I had left my handbag hanging on the chair, managed to retrieve it.  What with Steve’s hat and sunglasses from yesterday +now my bag, I think Steve and I need some serious looking after when we get back (are you ready for us Tom and Alice)!!?



Before heading out to find our accommodation, we stopped off to visit the hot thermal spring areas close by.  Rotorua is nicknamed ‘Sulphur City’ because of the hydrogen sulphide emissions – a bit of a rotten egg smell!!  So fascinating to see the geothermal activity of this volcanic area – had never seen this before.



With great relief we found our accommodation – it was spacious, comfortable, generoulsy kitted out (+ friendly signs) … and had an amazing garden + swimming pool.  Just what we needed at the end of this long day.  Soon made ourselves at home – by this time the sun had come out so we made a bee-line for the pool (they had even supplied a flamingo for us to play with)!!




We took a short walk out only to find the town was closed up – it was Monday and it appears to be everyone’s day off!!  We managed to find an Indian takeaway and a supermarket to stock up on wine so all was not lost.  Saw this rather appropriate sign while we were out!!


Returned ‘home’ for a chilled evening … and an early night – fell into the sumptuous bed and caught up on some much needed sleep.

Tomorrow is yet another day … and each day is there to be treasured ❤️

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