Further activities in Anglesea

While Steve journeyed back into the city for the one-day cricket, Kaye, Greg and I decided on a much more leisurely afternoon altogether. On recommendation, we took a drive out to a local winery (well I say local, an hour’s drive each way is nothing to an Australian) – literally in the middle of nowhere, for an afternoon of wine-tasting and live music. There were only 4 other people there when we arrived so we began to have second thoughts … but we had come so far!! Greg persuaded us to give it a go so we started off with a bit of wine-tasting. It was a beautiful setting, beside a billabong (🎶 waltzing matilda) and stunning weather.

Within an hour the place was rocking with music and singing and dancing – ska Caribbean music … we had such a brilliant afternoon. And Kaye and Greg got to ‘rockabilly’ – they won a prize for their dancing but there was some mention of Greg’s ‘happy pants’ and ‘moustache style’ being a contributory factor.


We went on a road trip on the way home along the long dusty roads – we felt like Thelma and Louise + Greg came too!!  (We hadn’t killed anyone though I might add!!)

On the Monday weather was not so good so we headed out on a drive along the Great Ocean Road.  Did a bit of koala and kangaroo spotting – but hit a blank!!  Had a beautiful walk around Erskine falls – a spot of hill climbing and plenty of steps – reminiscent of the South West Coastal Path!

Visited the pretty town of Lorne on the way back and of dipped in for afternoon tea at the Bowling Club.  Home made fruit bread with gorgonzola – yum.  Steve and Greg browsed through the albums and we enjoyed listening to some music on an old record player.  We had the place to ourselves and Kaye and Greg even got to ‘rockabilly.’  It was like stepping back in time.



On Tuesday the sunshine reappeared so back to the beach we went – some good surf and a chance to top up the tan.  Love Anglesea beach.



Certainly had lots of great eating opportunities whilst in Anglesea – the whole range – from posh – to fish & chips from the paper, dinner, breakfast and lunch.


Posh dinner out at the Anglesea Lifesaving Club restaurant – Captain Moonlight. Fabulous meal overlooking the sea.


Fish & chips from the local Anglesea chippie – eaten fresh at the park bench


An extremely healthy breakfast at a nearby nursery – all things organic! Steve looks asleep but was actually awake!!!

Sadly our lovely seaside holiday came to an end – we cleaned up the house, packed up the car and set off.  Kaye had a great idea for the journey home – we drove to Queenscliff and caught the ferry to Sorrento – the drove back to Melbourne from there – a fabulous end to a fabulous week.


Having a giggle on the ferry x

We packed in so many fun things and fun times into our week in Anglesea – as well as all the things I’ve posted we played many board games too (dealt with a few disappointments, particularly in Triv), had some movie time, watched the Australian Open … never a dull moment.  So back to Melbourne for a few days before heading out on our next trip … to Tasmania.

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