Thailand’s ‘must-see show’ – Siam Niramit

Thursday 23rd November

A fairly relaxed day- early morning walk/run followed by a few hours at the beach – chilling/kayaking – then home to get dolled up ready for our evening out at the spectacle that is Siam Niramit – a huge stage production to portray Thailand’s history and culture.

Before the stage production started we enjoyed the pre-show attractions and activities including a Traditional Thai Village, Thai silk weaving, garland making, traditional costumes, spirit masks, Thai boxing, Thai dancing, elephant rides and displays as well as a really impressive elephant war procession. We took a short boat ride around the village set up – the boat was particularly rocky and the water murky and full of large fish – luckily, with concentration, we managed not to topple!!

Our ticket included a meal at the International buffet – beautifully laid out and scrumptious. Anyone would have thought we hadn’t eaten for days – we all went back up 3 or 4 times. Steve faithfully stuck to Thai cuisine, enjoying at least 3 plates of Pad Thai while Alice, Marc and I got lured back into the more western delights of roast chicken in gravy, chips, spaghetti Bolognese, minestrone soup …

And then the show … it really was breathtaking, we were spellbound. Photos not allowed so I took these from the brochure:-

So another great evening. Highly recommend this if you’re ever in Bangkok or Phuket.

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