Another first – kayaking

Tuesday 21st November

Most of our days here have started with an early rise and a drive, with Bobbi, to a local park – Steve runs his 5-10k and Bobbi and I speed walk for an hour. Even at 7.30-8.30am it’s already ‘warm’ and extremely humid so we are pretty drenched by the time we get back to the car – Steve particularly looks like he’s been swimming in the river! Nice!!!! Marc shared a great post on Facebook a couple of days ago that said ” one of my biggest fears is that I’ll marry into a family that runs 5ks on holiday” – sorry Marc, I understand your trauma!

So Tuesday started with this bit of exercise and then after some breakfast we headed down to the beach, settling onto some sunbeds in the shade. After some brief relaxation we decided to hire some kayaks. This was a first for Steve and I – Alice and Marc are old hands at kayaking so were able to offer some training!! The trip we are booked on tomorrow involves kayaking out at sea so we were using this as a familiarisation programme. Absolutely loved it … you can really get a speed up at times if the tide is going your way …. a little more difficult when going against. A great work out.

Alice, Marc and I had an amazing massage before leaving the beach – opting for the oil massage as opposed to the Thai massage where they practically beat you up!! A touch of relaxation after an energetic day.

Dined out at the Blue Table Restaurant which is in our local village – food is absolutely delicious and plentiful – cooked in the tiniest and most basic of outdoor kitchens – hospitality is warm and friendly – and all for £3 or £4 a head, with beers!!

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