The oldies hit Ayia Napa … and Tom came too

In true gap year style we took the local bus to Ayia Napa last night (unlike young people however we went out at 6.00pm rather than midnight)!!  The bus ride was interesting – packed, fast and no windows to look through – we got a taxi back!!!  Enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere of Ayia Napa – started off in Tommy’s Bar – happy hour cocktails for €2 whilst watching the colourful carnival parade.  

We met up with Brett and Mel in Odin’s restaurant – fabulous Cypriot menu, relaxing atmosphere – fun evening had by all.  Lovely to catch up on Brett and Mel’s travels – they have just started their sabbatical year – hope to catch up with them again in New Zealand.  We talked about checking out the nightclubs, foam parties etc but of course were safely tucked up in bed by midnight when that world starts to come to life!!  

Our days continue to be leisurely.  Caroline and I have ventured into the sea which is beautiful – warmer than the pool water – incredibly salty which makes your legs and bottom float up at the back, and makes swimming tricky.  Resorted to floating on our backs which is oh so relaxing.  Only problem was, Caroline could then not stand up – she literally couldn’t!!  I had to come to her rescue and pull her in … and then help to push her legs down until she could find her feet … amidst all the giggling I don’t know how we didn’t drown.

Steve has now started his daily running regime – set the alarm for 6.30am this morning to run his 8 miles.  I’m still talking about it!!  Still keeping up my 50 laps of the pool a day though – need to do something to counteract all this holiday eating and drinking. Each evening Caroline, Wendy and I start off proceedings with G&T, and guess what Karen, we have our own supply of grapefruits, lemons and limes in the garden.  The garden of paradise!! 

Oranges and lemons 🎶 … and limes and grapefruits 🍊🍋

Naturally have been consuming a fair amount of the local wine in the evenings too – sometimes this has led to far too much frivolity, including Abba tribute sessions and kitchen dancing.  Poor Tom, I think he might need rescuing!  

All is well in our luxurious villa with the exception of some of the beds.  Tom is loving his (luckily) but Wendy had a shock yesterday morning to find Caroline’s bed had collapsed … but Caroline was still sound asleep with her legs dangling into a vacuum.  So some bed repairs yesterday and Caroline repositioned the slats – our bed too needed some extra support so Steve found a collection of Russian encyclopedias to pad out the base.  Another slight hitch is that I have developed an allergy to the bedding and wake up each morning like a puffer fish (no photos!) – has meant the usual holiday pharmacy visit.  

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