Ferry across the Fal River

If you haven’t been to Falmouth, you must go – great place – attractive harbour, ferry trips, nice beaches, pleasant town centre with interesting shops and restaurants.  We ate out at a place called The Outlook last night – Steve cooked his own steak on a hot stone – stunning view over Falmouth harbour.  

So the start of today’s journey was the luxury of two ferry rides – the first one to St. Mawes on the ‘Duchess of Cornwall.’


Would have liked to see more of St. Mawes but it was a brief stop before we boarded the second ferry to ‘Place.’  I know, Steve had a lot of jokes about that – “what’s the name of this Place?”  “What sort of Place is this?”  Didn’t see many houses there so obviously it’s not really the Place to be!!  It did however have the most stunning hotel (funnily enough called The Place Hotel) – perfect setting with lawns rolling down to the river – marquee set up for a wedding.  (Thought of you Emma and John).  
The walk around the headland of Place, past St. Anthony Head and then along to Portscatho was an absolute joy.  Some steep, steep hills and a few cows to shoo off the path but all in all nothing to get the nerves jangling.  In fact I would say quite relaxing – blue skies, deep blue sea patterned by the glimmering sun, the melodic sound of water lapping up on the shore, sailing boats gliding with us as we walked (couldn’t help but share some Rod Stewart lyrics!), an abundance of white butterflies – such a tranquil morning.  

This part of the coastline is so much more populated with walkers – we were laughing about the number of teenagers you see being herded along by their health-conscious parents.  You can imagine them mumbling “not another walk Dad, we walked last year” – just longing to be back in the land of phone signal.  

When we got to the beautiful village of Portscatho I took my leave of Steve as the remaining part to Portloe promised to be a touch more strenuous (not risking it any more).  

The trip along to Portloe proved easier going than expected although a couple of big hill climbs did test the endurance levels, covering nearly eight miles in two hours which made for a pleasant change when arriving at 3pm rather than a couple of hours later.   We have now been walking for some six weeks and have gone well past the halfway mark and perhaps the end is almost in sight, this being a challenge that neither of us realised would be so tough! Mind you just when you think things are easing up then another hill comes into view, its truly amazing how many hills you can find in a relatively short distance! 

It’s a wonderful feeling towards the end of each days walk when you finally get to reach your destination, the first sight generally being as you walk around a cliff headland, today’s was no different and I enjoyed the march into town:-

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