Follow the leader … but which one!? 😀

Day 72 of Lockdown. 03/06/2020

Todays’s walk – Salcey Forest – Olney.

After weeks of being spoiled with sunshine, today sees a return to cloud and wind and general chilly-ness! Still, we mustn’t grumble! So with a few more layers of clothing and the cars jiggled into place, we set out from Salcey Forest. Steve and Tom sort of co-planning and co-orienteering … while I just followed the two alpha males in my life!! 🤣

Tom said Salcey Forest always reminds him of Jurassic Park so we trod warily – waiting for a Brontosaurus to pop out anytime. To save on the £6 parking fee today we had parked on the roadside – this led to a very nettle stinging entry into the forest – plenty of dock leaves though.

Another day of stunning scenery and practically the whole countryside to ourselves. For this part of the country it was a particularly hilly day … not as severe as some counties I could mention but a few climbs all the same. Walked through a field of cows but luckily they were laying down – as the Old Wives’ Tale goes a clear sign of rain. Most of them were determined to keep their patches dry but a couple of them got up for a good old stare – there were some calves so I guess they were protecting.

Rocking the shades 😎

Tom is definitely mastering the OS app and as the day went on he assumed leadership! Steve checked it out a few times and there was the odd discussion and difference of opinion … but I foresee a gradual handing over of the baton – well maybe on a temporary basis!

Again there was a difference with Steve’s Garmin and Tom’s iPhone strava – so we chose Tom’s 10 mile recording for the day. Felt right. Have come to the decision that Garmin must have been losing GPS at times.

Before heading home, we enjoyed another picnic in the Forest – this time with hot coffee and homemade lemon drizzle cake. 🍰

Day off tomorrow – back for more on Friday 😊

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