Getting creative … 🎨

Day 21 – 27 of Lockdown. 13th-19th April 2020

The week since Easter has drifted by with no punctuation – each day can be so similar with nothing to define a difference. Trying hard not to get to a Groundhog Day situation by introducing new activities and varying the daily routines.

Of course we are fortunate in having retired in recent years, so do not have to address new working methods or indeed face concerns over employment stability. Like the majority of the population however we still face financial uncertainties imposed by this pandemic … but like everyone else we have to soldier on and hope for the best. It could be so much worse.

We recognise and highly praise the work of our key workers, especially those on the front line. And we’re aware that many people are working from home. So trying not to witter on in self-piteous style about filling up each day, not being allowed out, missing the company of others. But even for us old retirees that are used to having unlimited free time, the lockdown measures definitely make each day seem different and we’ve learnt to highly value the normal life we have. In some ways daytimes seem longer and yet there’s a horrible sense of life passing us by. I guess this is down to not being able to be with those you love and doing many of the things that you love doing.

Even with aims for varying each day, a certain new lockdown routine reigns. The day starts with exercise and breakfast, followed by housework then lunch. Afternoon is all about ‘activities’ and this is where some variety kicks in. By 5.00pm (4.00pm at weekends) we are sat in front of the TV for the Coronavirus update from Downing Street. Dinner follows – and trying to experiment with new cooking ideas plus using up store cupboard items, minimising supermarket trips. And then into a chilled evening – either listening to music and drinking wine, writing up the blog or getting engrossed in a film, travel documentaries or Netflix box sets. Occasionally we resort to a game of Scrabble – gave Steve a bit of a hammering last night … so not sure when we’ll next be playing!!! (2 x50 bonuses in one game – a first for me)!

Listening to Classic FM top 100 countdown on Easter Monday …. it was a long session 🤪🍷

So, exercise this week has included regular running for Steve, yoga and YouTube workouts for me, and two walks together. Although many people ridicule Milton Keynes for being a concrete new town, we are blessed with the most wonderful countryside on our doorstep.

Our local woods – Shenley Wood
Spotted in our local wood 😀

Afternoon activities for me are varied … and am building new things into my regime. Always thinking up ideas for my blog and have been trying my hand at some poetry writing. Started online piano tuition a few weeks ago, at the start of lockdown. Also using a book and keeping up with daily practice …. and love it. Can play Fur Elise (with both hands) and can play the chords and sing along to ‘Imagine.’ This week I got out my paints and attempted some watercolour art – end result was rubbish but I lost myself in it for hours. So with these creative activities plus baking, soup making, reading, crosswords and lazing in the sun, there’s certainly never a dull moment.

The paints are out …

Steve tends to spend most of the afternoon in the garden – either pottering or horizontally relaxing … weather dependant. I’m thinking of introducing some new activities soon (as so much is free right now), such as photography tuition and Spanish lessons – things we can do together! ❤️ Not quite like travelling but hey ho!

Thursday evening clapping for key workers has become a focal point of the week. As well as paying our respects with gusto we spend an hour chatting with our neighbours and raising a glass (or two), whilst obeying social distancing. Our next door neighbour is an NHS consultant so is always able to update us on frontline practice.

And then a huge huge part of new lockdown living is keeping in touch virtually. Using Zoom and FaceTime to regularly chat with family and friends – it’s such a life line. Sometimes wonder if this is the future … will we ever get to hug each other again! Sending and receiving messages also helps to feel part of the world and knowing about each other’s lives … and the hilarious posts and videos continue.

So no complaints … just being patient. Above everything just longing to be with and hug my loved ones. But completely agree with the extension to lockdown announced this week. The media keep pushing for plans and date for ‘release’ but saving lives is so much more important than the economy – there is no comparison.

Be patient. Stay home. Support the NHS. Save lives.

And, get creative …. 🎶 🎨 💃🏽 🧁 🤸‍♂️ 🤹‍♂️

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