Easter weekend in isolation …. 🐣

Day 17 of Lockdown. 09/04/2020. (Maundy Thursday)

Started the day off today with a beautiful sunny 5 mile walk – across farm fields, open landscape, pretty bloom laden paths, through villages – stunning. And SO good to be out.

Had a great zoom session with Caroline, Pete, Barbara and Geraldine – all getting to grips with technology!! Feels incredibly valuable to see family at the moment, albeit virtually.

At 8.00pm joined our neighbours in clapping the NHS and keyworkers. Sensibly distanced we had a beer and a chat for an hour or so – then went our separate ways.

Day 18 of Lockdown. 10/04/2020. (Good Friday)

Good Friday

The passion of Christ

King of the Jews

Jesus was mocked

Jesus died

For us

The stations of the cross

The crucifix

Kissing His feet

We repented

All of us

Toasted hot cross buns

Oozing with butter

Fish for dinner

No fuss, no frills

Just us

Day 19 of Lockdown. 11/04/2020. (Easter Saturday)

Extended the zoom net wider this morning – our family chat brought in Maureen and Shane this time too. It definitely keeps our spirits up being able to see and talk to each other. Hope we can continue to virtually meet up even after this isolation nightmare has passed. Once you learn to not talk all at once it’s great! How Mum and Dad put up with 8 of us rabbiting on, God only knows!

Another blue sky warm day so enjoyed relaxing in the garden, preparing blog, exploring some poetry writing … oh and made a small Easter cake for Steve and me. SO weird not having a houseful this weekend. ☹️

Ended the day with an amazing Zoom Quiz – set up by Alice’s housemate Mel – such a fun thing to do. We’re not discussing results however!!! 😗

Day 20 of Lockdown. 12/04/2020 (Easter Sunday)

Tuned into Easter Sunday mass – St. Barnabus cluster. Also received an amazing Easter choral piece from our church choir.

Then it’s a day as normal, no guests to entertain, no gifts to share, no Easter hugs. But we’re safe and well and for that we are blessed.

Why Eggs at Easter?

For Symbolism?

Fertility, Rebirth, New life

Christ has risen, Empty tomb

For tradition?

Post-Lent treats, Fasting is over

Hard boiled eggs to use, not waste


Staining eggs red – the Blood of Christ

Mary Magdalene at the tomb


A shared tradition – Christians and Jews

Passover food and Easter fayre

For children?

Easter egg hunt, Easter Bunny

Rolling, tapping, hop-egg

For giving and receiving?

Cadbury’s cream eggs, cute Lindt bunnies

Baskets and straw lined birds nests

Easter eggs

Having a relaxing time in the garden, yet another sun-filled day. Looking forward to catching up with Tom, Jess, Alice, Emma and John later (via Zoom) with a glass of bubbles.

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