Farewell Cuba, it’s been amazing … 💙 ✈️

Our last few days in Cuba raced by as we continued to explore the delights of Havana.  As well as fitting in a little relaxation time each day, we certainly enjoyed more sights and learnt a great deal about Havana and Cuba during this time.




On Sunday morning we went to the Museo de la Revolucion and it was an absolute eye-opener.  Great details about the characters involved in the 1959 revolution plus those that had inspired the movement and of course how it all worked.  There was a display of military transport used, including a reconstruction of the boat, “Granma” that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara had sailed on from Mexico.  Having spent so long in Cuba, it’s impossible not to be impressed with its history and admire these brave men who finally achieved the independence and freedom from dictatorship they had long sought.





And on Sunday evening we learnt even more – we’d booked an airbnb experience and met up with our host, Fernando, at 5.30pm … it was a fabulous evening. Fernando’s English is perfect and he’s so likeable, interesting and knowledgeable that it made for the great two hour stroll around Old Havana.  We visited and learnt about the four main squares, the architecture, the significant landmarks, the churches, the best place in town to get a daiquiri and the best place in town to get a mojito (both famous old haunts of Ernest Hemingway).  We went up in an ancient cage lift inside a very old hotel to see spectacular views over Havana Vieja – I could wax lyrical – I learnt more in that evening than the whole 6 weeks in Cuba.  After the walk Fernando joined us for a beer and then stayed to have dinner too …. and so we talked on and on, learning more about the history of Cuba and getting some in depth thoughts about post-Revolution Cuba, communism, modern socialism and Cuban culture.  If you’re going to Havana, certainly get in touch with this amazing young man.


Our new friend, Fernando



DSC_0012 2


DSC_0049 2









On Tuesday we squeezed in a final bit of cultural research by going on an airbnb experience with Talia … the theme of this was a walk and talk about Cuban religion.  A lovely young girl and again so well informed.  We visited churches and cathedrals, a mosque and a synagogue and discussed all about the religious habits in Havana and Cuba.  We also visited an area where Sainteria is most practised, a version of the Nigerian Yoruba religion.



DSC_0002 3


We spent our final evening at Sofia’s oh-so-friendly Italian restaurant, as during the week we had come to know Sofia and her staff … it was such a happy place to finish off this incredible trip.



DSC_0060 2

Its’s been six weeks since we arrived in Santiago de Cuba.  We had a few tough moments but on the whole it’s been a fascinating experience, one we wouldn’t have missed for the world.


Things we’ll miss about Cuba!

  1. Funny motor cycle helmets.
  2. Vultures flying overhead.
  3. Flash American cars.
  4. Pastel coloured houses
  5. Che Guevara images
  6. Mojitos
  7. Geckos with curly tails


And things we definitely won’t miss!

  1.  Internet cards and lack of Wi-fi
  2. Pork and rice/Chicken and rice
  3. Beeping!!!




Thanks for joining us on this amazing journey to the beautiful island of Cuba  😎








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