Homeward bound … in time for Easter 🐣

Saturday 6th – Wednesday 10th April 2019

So the last few days have drifted by in the blissfully relaxed routine we seem to have established here in Benalmadena. Healthy eating, walking/running/yoga, daily chores, beach time, swimming, reading, early nights, late mornings and the occasional sundowners and dinner out. So no road trips this week, or city sightseeing … just a chilled few days to round things off nicely.

Had a great last night out in Benalmadena Pueblo, taking a last look through the beautiful cobbled streets and shops with their pretty Easter displays. Settled in the Plaza de España for dinner where we were perfectly serenaded by some local singers.

Now as we sit in the airport awaiting our departure, I’m already reminiscing about the things we will miss:

1. The tapas – definitely our favourite way of eating.

2. The wine! We have always loved Rioja but particularly love the prices here! And I will miss my perfectly chilled vino (pronounced Beeno – can’t believe I’ve only just learnt this, thanks to Alice!) blanco being served in small delicate measures in large balloon glasses – heaven.

As you can see we’ve been busy over the last 6 weeks!

3. The tastiness of the food – pineapples, strawberries, Serrano ham, goats cheese, avocado, olives, churros dipped in chocolate etc. etc.

4. The wafts of Spanish cologne from Spanish women and men.

5. The pretty whitewashed houses with their terracotta roof tiles and potted geraniums, prettily contrasting with the blue cloudless sky.

6. The lush mountains that wrap around Benalmadena and Fuengirola, an ever stunning spectacle.

7. The parakeets – often invisible to the eye but deafening to the ear, camouflaged in the promenade palms.

8. Appreciating nature in a different environment – plants and flora previously unseen.


9. I’ll even miss the friendly beach hawkers parading their wares – sunglasses, bags, watches etc …. and the sweet Filipino ladies offering ‘massageeeeee’ …. every five minutes!!

Having said all that we’re really looking forward to being home too – some special family time and catching up with friends. Also getting back into Redway Runners, Parkruns and yoga classes. We’ll be home for 5 weeks and then we’re off to Norfolk for 3 months – house-sitting and coastal walking.

Adios …. for now 😎

Any news on Brexit!!!!! 😉

One thought on “Homeward bound … in time for Easter 🐣

  1. you sound as though you have fallen in love with the place, make sure if you buy somewhere it is big enough for guests as I for one will definitely want to come and enjoy Spanish life with you at some point.

    Hope to see you soon Love as always



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