Sweltering heat in Melbourne 🌞

I know it’s summer here but Melbourne is not renowned for the hotter temperatures that we’ve experienced this week – it’s been up to 42 degrees. Fortunately these few days are between trips – so it was sorting out after our return from Anglesea and preparing for our week in Tasmania, therefore we had no plans for long days outside in these cruel temperatures!! AND we’re at severe fire risk – are you all feeling sorry for us now!!? 😉

Steve and I did just about manage an hour on the beach at Hampton but I spent most of the time in the sea – you could feel the sand burning you through the beach mat … and it was impossible to walk on. When we were walking back to the car we saw two eejits running along the promenade – why!!!?

On one of the very hot days we had made plans to meet Alice B (Butler) in the city for lunch. Alice has been travelling since last summer and is currently based in Eildon, country Victoria. We decided to train it in so that we could have a beer or two. Luckily the trains are air conditioned so all was comfortable – they just have to run slower on these hot days however as they are affected by the extreme heats, sometimes apparently they have to stop them altogether. Alice, bless her, had to drive for an hour and a half and then take a hour’s train ride as well – we felt so honoured that she wanted to travel up to see us. So we met at Southern Cross and after big hellos and hugs we took a scorching walk along the river to The Boat Builders bar. We had a delicious lunch, a few beers and a great catch up. Alice has had some great adventures in South East Asia and is now living and working in Eildon … and she’s loving it. It was fabulous to listen to her stories and to share in her enthusiasm for Aussie life.

Apart from that, these few days have been spent washing, ironing, booking airbnbs, manicures, pedicures … you know how it is!! Steve continued running of course but for me, heat stopped play!!

We had a lovely evening out with Kaye, Greg, Shirley and Mark – went to a new Chinese restaurant in Highett and enjoyed one of their splendid banquets. Afterwards we went to yet another quirky bar where they had live music – it’s called the Naked Racer – it had the most incredible collection of motor bikes and other weird and wonderful items – a man cave with a bar attached! Men do love to collect, don’t they!!?



And I had to post up another sign spotted – hilarious!

Next stop – Tasmania xx

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