Merry Christmas in Merry Melbourne ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ˜Ž

We’ve been in Melbourne for almost two weeks and I’ve fallen badly behind with the blog – blame the kids!!!!! Alice and Marc arrived a few days after us and then Tom two days after that … and what with Christmas and the cricket … there really are endless excuses!!! We have just been having the BEST time. Initially stayed with our amazing friends Kaye and Greg, then we moved into a nearby motel (our own 3 bedroom apartment) but still spending time with Kaye and Greg each day. ย Have been doing some fitness training (well one session for me and lots of running for Steve!) ย Naturally some shopping to get into the Christmas spirit – never stops feeling weird seeing Christmas trees and Santa costumes in the sunshine! ย Had a night out in St. Kilda – some great dancing moments. ย Kaye and Greg hosted a pre-Christmas drinks party to welcome us all to Oz – met their lovely friends and consumed much prosecco. ย Some chilled time at our hotel pool as well.

So, as a means to catch up on myself, these next few blogs will be (for now) a photos with captions.


The beach local to Kaye and Greg’s house in Highett, Melbourne



Yay!! Alice and Marc arrived xx


…and yippee, Tom came too. Amazed us all by getting up to do the Park Run after 4 hours sleep (following 36 hours of traveling).


A Melbourne Parkrun pose (and a little Alice and Dad skip)!!


Greg, casually sipping red wine on the beach on Christmas Eve, chilled as ever!



Christmas Eve picnic on Brighton Beach, Melbourne (amazing picnic supplied by Kaye x


Beautiful Brighton Beach with its pretty collection of beach huts



Christmas day at Kaye and Greg’s – let the fun begin …



Many games, much dressing up, many many laughs !!


A toast to the chefs


Highly recommend Aldi Champagne Christmas pudding



Even found time for an afternoon stroll to the local park to play cricket and frisby


Tea time at the Christmas Day cricket


And of course, Christmas 2017 wouldn’t have been complete without a game of Speak Out!! We laughed till we cried



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