Settling into our new life of leisure πŸŒž

Our flight from Gatwick to Lanarca passed without incident – so unusual these days, no delays, no lost luggage, not too many screaming toddlers, no turbulent conditions – in fact the wind was on our side and we arrived 20 minutes early (every minute of holiday counts).  May this continue as we travel further around the globe!!  Our driver was there to meet us on arrival … well almost there … his ‘Mr. Steve’ sign was, propped up on the barrier whilst he’d popped off to the loo.  When he returned, he found Steve holding it up for him to see from the other side … sweet man, full of Cypriot charm.  By this point we had already lost Tom who had sneaked off for a much needed cigarette.  But within 15 minutes we were all loaded into the taxi – Steve, me, Tom, Caroline and Wendy and our luggage securely tied onto the roof of the taxi.  And so we made our way from Lanarca airport to our villa in Pernera, Paralimni – it was 10.00pm by this time so difficult to get the full picture of where we to spend the next 10 days.  

Our lovely driver was confident when dropping us off at Sunset Villas 2, Pernera – we unloaded ourselves and our selection of suitcases and hand luggage at the top of the road, paid up and waved him off.  Next step was to tackle the key safe, lining up the 4  numbers in various positions and almost forcing the box to open … but to no success!!  Rang the doorbell – no answer.  In the meantime, Wendy and Caroline were ferrying 10 pieces of luggage down the road to Villa no. 2.  I went to check out the back garden, lights were on in the villa and I noticed clothes, towels and a newspaper by the poolside.  Clearly we had picked on the wrong villa.  Once we established this we went off in parties searching all villas in the area … still drew a blank.  It was dark, not a soul around, we were getting pretty tired and travel weary by this time – we all decided we would laugh about it later … but not at this particular moment!! πŸ˜’  Finally resorted to phoning our host who kindly came to the rescue – picked us up and took us to the Sunset Villas, (development 1) villa no. 2 … and all was well.  He even whisked Wendy and I off to the shops to pick up some goodies for breakfast.  (We had wisely stocked up on wine, beer and sarnies at the airport to cover the ‘first night’ gathering).  

Our villa is perfect, our own pool, near to amenities etc.etc.  So good to have a young person with us helping us with all our technical needs.

Tom setting Wendy up with wifi, Facebook and several other apps!

Sunset Villa no.2, ~Pernera, Paralimni

So have spent the first couple of days in a mixture of pool lounging and exploring the local area – beginning to find our feet.  Walked to Lidl’s yesterday to do the ‘big’ shop – on the way discovered Nick’s Bottle Shop, a discount booze store – every Brit abroad’s dream!!  Successfully shopped in there and Lidl’s and called for a taxi to take us home – no less than a limousine – excuse me!! Also wandered down to the local beach yesterday evening and this morning – so pretty and sea clear blue and extremely inviting (as soon as I finish this blog will be heading down there for a swim).  Steve and I have talked a lot about running – what time of day we’ll do it and what routes we’ll take …. but haven’t actually run yet!!  50 laps of the pool each morning for me so far and a few walks (nothing coastal)!!

After swimming and running (anytime now!!) we’re heading out for cocktails, tapas and jazz music at a beachside restaurant this evening – really do WISH YOU WERE ALL HERE ❀️

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