Oh Carol – I am such a fool….. 🎼

Carol was our airbnb host last night in beautiful Portloe, such a wonderful house and we loved Carol, didn’t want to leave.  When Steve set off this morning to cover the first (ridiculously steep) mile and a half on his own, Carol and I enjoyed lots of chats before driving to Portholland to meet Steve.  Steve of course had managed it in record time – looked a bit flushed though so sure there had been some running involved.  I was a little anxious about this walk as it was to be ‘strenuous’ so when Carol offered to drive me on to Mevagissey, boy was I tempted.  But I took up the challenge … and survived.  The weather had changed today to full on winter – rain (torrential at times), wind and thick fog.  Steve and I definitely came to the conclusion today that we are BONKERS!!

Leaving Portloe

Last night we had dined and wined at The Ship Inn and met this lovely little chap with his owner – they had completed the Portloe – Megavissey walk that day and other parts of the coastline – so we stayed way beyond our usual bedtime to exchange walking stories and scary experiences.  

So much climbing involved today, hill after hill after hill, sometimes we thought it just couldn’t get any higher.  A lot of countryside walking today, across fields, through woodland, narrow paths of soaking wet foliage.  Even when the sea was in sight it wasn’t (we couldn’t see the sea!) – the fog was so thick we could literally see a few feet to our right and could just hear the high waves crashing on to the rocks.  And boy did it rain, it didn’t stop all day – we were soaked down to our socks and undies!!  

Such a deserted path today, can’t think why!!!  But then, just before Hemmick Beach, in the middle of nowhere, we stumbled across a man and a lady who were doing a National Countryside survey – they had been there since 7.00am (it was now 11.00am) and we had been the first people to come by – they were tasked to stay there till 7.00pm.  Although we were soaked and on the verge of freezing by then, we could hardly say ‘no’ so we graciously spent 10 minutes answering their questions.  One of the questions was “Do you feel calm and relaxed when walking the Coastal Path?”  Today was not the day to ask that question – I’m afraid it got a ‘strongly disagree!’  

This is how we look sometimes – like a couple of stooped pensioners!!

Dodman Point – a great viewing spot … but not today!

Lots of countryside wildlife too – fields were heavily populated with sheep and cows.  We were joined by a pheasant strutting its stuff along the path ahead of us for quite a distance.  Rather an abundance too of humongous black slugs!!   So am trying to get back to nature … although these cows still stress me out …. I had just handled my anxiety baggage through a field of particularly loitering fresians and escaped over the stile … then came face to face with these two beauties.

Stopped for lunch in Gorran Haven and then walked on to Portmellon Cove …. both places pretty deserted and windswept.  Things look so different when the sun stops shining.  

And so on to Mevagissey.  We used to come here with the children when they were young so have happy memories of sunny days round by the harbour and its twisty lanes.  Today sadly it looked bleak and the harbour water an unpleasant brown colour – lots of people milling round trying to fill their Sunday afternoon.  We were lucky enough to walk up yet another steep hill and find our lovely airbnb – Rosie and Robin welcomed us with tea and cake and friendly chat – then showed us our cosy room – we even have a decanter of port and plums – what else could you possibly want?  😊

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