A blustery day in North Devon πŸ’¨ πŸŒŠ

Having stayed in Bideford last night, we needed to get back to Instow to resume the coastal walk to Westward Ho.  This involved getting the bus from Bideford to Instow and walking back through Bideford (3 miles) on the way to Westward Ho – we could so easily have cheated, after all who would know!?  But of course we did it by the book – honest Joes or ‘mugs!?’ Relatively flat start, more Tarka trail (see pic below) and then it got more scenically interesting as we left Bideford. 

An 11 mile walk today took us through a variety of terrain and scenic experiences – Woodland Hills, through pretty seaside towns and villages, sand dunes, exposed golf courses, sand and pebble beaches – something for everyone!  We even had an ice-cream stop and a lunch stop today!  

On the approach to Westward Ho we were so nearly blown off our feet – rain and gail force winds – it was kite surfer’s paradise but we were two drenched rats when we dribbled into the town.  Somehow the name of the town kept me going – such a cheery tally ho sort of word.  Didn’t feel the town lived up to its name though, not that we hung around very long.  Caught the bus back to Bideford where we’re staying for a second night.  Will be heading back to Westward Ho tomorrow where we’ll pick up the path to Clovelly – back on the ‘challenging’ routes – help!!

One thought on “A blustery day in North Devon πŸ’¨ πŸŒŠ

  1. I spent a week once self catering in Westwood Ho! . You haven’t spelt it right. Important information as a quiz question is often what is the only place name in the UK with an ! mark. Proof positive that travel broadens the mind! The hosts for the self catering were the local landed gentry with the fear inducing name of Pine-Coffin. We tried to pronounce it Piney Cofan but were quickly corrected to Pine Coffin. Immaturity brings discomfort in many forms. Hope you had an exotic flavoured ice cream. Vanilla is ‘apparently’ so last century! Bx


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